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Ordering on TOM is just easy as 1, 2, 3. Select a customer, enter products and quantity then complete

1. Select supplier to place order

Type the supplier name to search. If the supplier is already your supplier, you can select to place order. If not, you can add it as a new supplier and start ordering. The order with the supplier not on TOM will be sent to them as an email, so please make sure you input the correct orders email address for your supplier then double check it.

2. Choose delivery date

Select your required delivery date. If your supplier is using the TOM scheduling system, you will receive an error message if the selected date is invalid

3. Add products to your order

Your pantry list with the supplier will be loaded by default for you to enter the quantity and comment. You can favourite the product by clicking on the star for filtering the pantry list. If the product is not on your pantry list, click ‘Add product’ to search in the full inventory of your supplier

4. Complete order

Review and complete you order. If your supplier is on TOM, they will be notified automatically. If your supplier is not on TOM, they will receive your order via email

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