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Manage your inventory with ease. Setup your product list, choose which products to sell and which products to buy

1. Product list

Manage your inventory with ease. This is where you set up the products you buy through your supply network and sell to your customers. All it takes is a couple of clicks.

2. Product detail

View and edit your product details such as SKU, description, cost and sell price.

3. Product upload

Moving mega data between systems has never been easier. TOM has the product upload tool for you! Download the sample file, copy in your data, upload your products. It’s that simple.

4. Upload product file

Uploading your product file requires a valid format. For the fastest outcome, it is important you have used the sample file to create your product file before uploading.

5. Confirm changes

After reading your uploaded file, TOM will confirm the changes in your inventory. Review and proceed to complete the process

6. Product upload confirmation

A confirmation page will show you what changes have been processed

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