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TOM has an extensive delivery management system built-in. Setup routes and drivers. Optimise routes to give your business the opportunity for maximum profits through delivery run efficiencies. TOM has developed an app for your customers so they can sign contactless POD approvals and credit requests on their own phones on delivery

1. Real-time order tracking

As a customer, you can track your order in real-time, as soon as the driver starts delivering for the day.

TOM will advise the ETA and your customer will see the countdown to when their order is next on the delivery list

(*) Subject to supplier driver using TOM Driver app

As a supplier, you can keep track of your drivers and the time taken on each drop and whether your driver is on the route or needs help with directions.

2. Review and sign invoice

When your delivery is here, check the order and review the invoice. If there is something wrong with the delivery, you can request for credit on the spot with photos as the proof. Then, sign the invoice to approve the delivery

3. Routes

Create as many routes and drivers as you like. If your business has many trucks to deliver to different customer areas, TOM has the best route management system for you. Choose the colour wisely as they will show on your route optimisation map.

4. Allocate delivery orders to routes

Create your delivery manifest for each route by allocating orders to routes. Tick the box ‘Apply for future orders’ if the customers are usually delivered by these routes so TOM can allocate them automatically for you as soon as the orders are placed.

5. Route optimisation

Review all your deliver manifests on the map. Change order from one route to another by drag and drop to save cost and maximise your profit. 

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