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Stay on top of your business with useful dashboard widgets. You can choose spending chart by category, delivery calendars for historical and future orders, suppliers with recent orders as well as keeping in touch with your connections. Quick links give you shortcuts to mostly used features like placing orders.

1. Spending chart

Control your budget with our spending chart widget. Know your spending for each category by day, week or month.

2. Delivery calendar

Keep track of your orders and deliveries with this simple tool. Look back on historical orders or see how many pending orders you have ahead for better planning

3. Current suppliers from recent orders list

Suppliers you have placed orders with recently are listed here for quick access and smart ordering

4. Connection requests

Get connected with other businesses and start trading on TOM. This is the place for you to review your received requests to accept or decline. This is also the place where you will see any pending requests you have already posted and await your response.

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