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TOM Features

Whether you’re a small café, a restaurant, a large buying group or a wholesaler, a smart and powerful online ordering system is crucial to ensuring the efficient operation of your business. TOM enables both sides of your supply chain: sales and purchases. It allows you place and receive all orders with confidence in one central place. With many add on features, TOM can support your business beyond a traditional online ordering system.

Customer, supplier or both

Whether you are buying, selling or both, TOM has got you covered. Our online ordering system allows you to not only place purchase orders with your suppliers, TOM can also receive orders from your customers.


Stay on top of your business with useful dashboard widgets, including spending charts by category, order delivery calendars, suppliers you have recent orders with and your TOM connections. Quick links give shortcuts to mostly used features like placing orders.


One of TOM's key features is that the system allows you as a customer, to place orders with every one of your suppliers in the one place. Orders and invoices are built with workflows which help users to manage efficiently. If you are a supplier, TOM helps to centralise your orders, reduce data entry mistakes and missing orders.

Pantry List

TOM's smart pantry list let you to order the correct products for your business. It can be setup to automatically collect your recently ordered products or you can manually pick which products to include in your pantry list.


Manage your inventory with ease. Setup your product list, choose which products to sell and which products to buy.


As a supplier, you can have multiple price lists for your different customer segments. Upload all your current price lists to TOM with a click of a button and your customers will have live pricing to place orders with.


TOM has extensive delivery management system built-in. Setup routes and drivers. Optimise routes to give your business the most possible profitability. Your customers can track deliveries in real-time, sign POD and request a credit on their own devices through our contactless delivery and ordering app. Our on-the-spot features paired with the latest technology will surely impress your customers

Settings and other features

Other features and settings help you to tailor TOM to meet your special business needs and manage business efficiently. You can manage users in your company, export your invoices to import them into your accounting system and much more.

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