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Customer, Supplier or Both

Customer, Supplier or Both

Customer, Supplier or Both

Whether you are buying, selling or both, TOM got you covered. Our online ordering system allows you to not only place purchase order with your suppliers but also receive orders from your customers.

1. Sign up as customer or supplier to start

Sign up as customer or supplier to start with. Don’t worry. You can activate the other side of your business later.

2. Change view

Decide to start the other side of your business? Switch view to supplier or customer with a simple click

3. Manage suppliers

Manage and update your supplier info at one place.

4. Find suppliers

Browse TOM verified suppliers and connect with them to get access to their entire product range and price update

5. Accept connection requests

If there is an supplier or customer would like to connect with you on TOM, you will receive a connection request notification. Accept the request and start trading.

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