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Tom Order mobile apps

Tom Order apps are completely remade to meet higher standards in performance, user experience and modern design. It is available on iOS Apple iPhone and Google Android as well so that it can cover almost 97% smart phone users.

Tom Order apps allow business users to place orders, view invoices and manage order template with their suppliers who are TOM's clients. The application provides only a narrow, but powerful set of features comparing to the main web based application.

The most valuable feature of this brand new Tom ordering app is combining all Tom’s clients into one app. A customer can place orders with many Tom’s clients at the same time easily.

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Total Ordering Management System (TOM)

TOM is a web-based application which fully support from A to Z for small and medium business processes. TOM will provide all of functionalities for front-end business such as customer ordering, account management, buying and etc also for back-end process such as reporting, import and export exchanged data between different systems such as MYOB.

The idea of TOM is an cloud based web application that uses latest internet technologies to provide a complete solution for businesses. The most advantage of an internet based software is people can work anywhere, anytime. TOM are divided into many modules which have many features to suit each company needs.

TOM features are:

  • Sales: This module provides tools for staff and customers to place orders, manage accounts and view invoices anytime they want.
  • Purchase: This feature uses a complex algorithm to calculate and suggest buyers how much to buy base on customers' orders, stock on hand and the fluctuation of markets. It also provides tools to manage items, suppliers and control stocks.
  • Packing: It helps packers to pick and pack orders and drivers to check them before leaving the warehouse.
  • Delivery: It allows staff to manage delivery jobs, transfer, change or cancel them as well as take advantage of the most internet geo maps, Google Maps, to help to navigate the best route to complete delivery.
  • Pricing: This flexible pricing models allow the company to setup unlimited pricing structures or giving customers locked prices. It also provides a powerful tool to manipulate and forecast prices.
  • CRM: This built-in customer relation management system provides the basic tools to manage prospects, build surveys and generate reports
  • MYOB Export: This tool is used to export records from TOM to import into MYOB desktop version.
  • Users Management: Create and manage username and passwords for customer who want to do online ordering.

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Mobile Total Ordering Management System (mTOM)

mTOM is the mobile version of TOM system. It covers all basic features and allow people to interact with TOM on the go. They can check current prices, place orders, manage invoices and account information anytime, anywhere. It is optimised for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets so it has a friendly user interface and use minimum internet data to maximise the speed and minimise the cost.

TOM features are:

  • Ordering: Allow people to see the current prices on the system and place orders straight away from their mobile devices.
  • Document Management: Allow users to view their invoices and credits on the go.
  • Tailored Order Form: Allow users to manage their order template
  • Account Management: Allow users to change their basic information such as address, phone number and email.

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