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Mission & Values




Steve Jobs said "people with passion can change the world". The world is changing all around us. There are many companies are founded everyday by passionate people. TomSoft was founded to help small and medium business with their IT solution. If you want to grow and pursue your passion tomorrow, you must prepare today. Your success is our passion.

Our Mission

TomSoft is dedicated to helping businesses have complete IT management system from the servers on the cloud to the mobiles of the customers. Our objectives are develop and provide the quality ERP software that, together with tailored development and customer support, continually address the needs of its customers.

Our Values

  • Quality: We strive to deliver the highest quality and value through our software.
  • Careing: We listen and make sure that our software can maximise your potentials.
  • Inspiration: We inspire each other to be creative and passionate in software development to always provide better solutions.

Our History

TomSoft was established in September, 2013. From the outset, the core focus of the company was to provide a basic ERP system to small and medium businesses who do not have a lot investments for their software development.

By the following years, the customer base as well as customer size were growing. It allowed TomSoft to grow to catch up their needs. Therefore, TOM was strongly invested in software development to become a complete and total ERP system which provides solutions for all simple and complex business processes.

By working closely to the customers, our team is sharpening its software development skills as well as business development skills to make TOM more and more efficient for the customers.

Our Partners


E-iceblue Co., Ltd. is a vendor of .NET, Silverlight and WPF development components. The goal of e-iceblue is always to offer high-quality components for reading and writing different formats of office files

Our Staff

Ly Ho (Project Manager / Senior Developer)

Ly Ho is the project manager and main developer of Tomsoft. With the knowledge of software development and business analysis, he is turning bright ideas to successful business.

Trevor Fell (Business Development Manager)

Our business development activities are headed up by Trevor Fell. Trevor has bad over 20 years experience in selling and implementing supply chain management solutions. His career also includes 15 years in management roles in the food industry which provides additional value when our customers come to implement a Tomsoft solution.